What is ''Create new promotion'', ''Use existing promotion'' and ''Use existing coupon''?

Dieu Mai

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1. Create New Promotion: By selecting the "Create New Promotion" option, our app will generate a promotion for you using BigCommerce's automatic discount API. When customers purchase the promoted product, they will automatically receive the discounted price at checkout.

2. Use Existing Promotion: If you choose "Use Existing Promotion," the promotion will be pulled from your BigCommerce Promotion Manager. The percentage or amount you input is solely for display purposes on the offer. If you do not have any promotions in your Promotion Manager, there will be no discount applied during checkout.

3. Use Existing Coupon: "Use Existing Coupon" operates similarly to "Use Existing Promotion." The coupon will be taken from your BigCommerce account and displayed as an offer to customers.

But when using “Use existing promotion” or ‘’Use existing coupon’’ WITHOUT SETTING UP A PROMOTION ON BIGCOMMERCE, the offer product is checked out WITHOUT the discounted price.

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