BOGO- Buy one get one (Cross-sell offer with 100% discount)

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To have an clear vision of the Offer appear in your store, We kindly recommend you take a look with our Offer in Peasisoft’s Store Demo:

To set up a BOGO deal, you will need to create a cross-sell offer, then set up a 100% discount.

We will show you two ways to setup BOGO deals with the same results, you can choose one of two ways and follow these steps: 

However, when you set up the trigger product, you choose "Trigger by all", the option in discount settings: "Create New Promotion" will not have, please do the first way

* The first way: Use “Use existing promotion” on the Native Upsell

When setting discounts, which requires you to create promotions on BigCommerce. So the following are the steps to create a promotion:

* Step 1: Open Bigcommerce, on the Store management page menu, select Marketing → Promotions.

* Step 2: In Promotion page window, click "Create" button → With advanced editon.

* Step 3: In “Rules” section, click “Add Rule” button → Custom Rules. You setup according to the screenshot below:

The setup is really simple and intuitive. However, to have a clear visualization of how will you set up the offer on our site, please take a look at our example:

*Step 4: On Native Upsell, when selecting the trigger product and offer product, it MUST be the same as you set up in Bigcommerce

The second way: Use “Create New Promotion” on Native Upsell

This option, please set the percentage to 100%, your offer will work well.


This is Store Demo you can see the Ouput below here :

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